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FAST Friends #7: Banijay's Shaun Keeble on Localization, Curation and Emerging Opportunities

Shaun Keeble explores growth & expansion of FAST channels in digital distribution, underscoring the significance of localized versions, curation, marketing initiatives, and exploring emerging markets.

I had the opportunity to sit down for a detailed conversation with Shaun Keeble, the VP of Digital at Banijay Rights and it was a banger! Many thanks to Shaun for sharing his perspective on both global and US FAST markets, the evolution of FAST, the importance of finding both content that can travel and localized hits, a discussion around FAST EPGs and how Banijay is looking at emerging markets.

Banijay has a huge library of content and it was interesting to explore the process for how FAST fits in. We also touched on where FAST is heading, so whether you’re someone looking to learn more or a seasoned industry pro, there’s something for everyone to listen to here.

Here’s how Riverside FM summarized it:

In this episode, Shaun Keeble, VP of Digital at Banijay Rights, discusses the growth and expansion of FAST channels in the digital distribution space. He highlights the success of game shows in the FAST space and the importance of localized versions of channels for different regions. Shaun also emphasizes the need for curation and marketing initiatives to drive awareness and engagement of FAST channels. He discusses the opportunities and challenges in the US FAST market and the potential for language agnostic content.

Shaun concludes by predicting that key stories in the fast space will revolve around partnerships with platforms, the utilization of VOD alongside FAST channels, and the continuous evolution of the industry. The conversation explores the future of content curation and the importance of channel curation. It also delves into the potential of emerging markets and the need to adapt to consumer needs. The discussion highlights the opportunities in Africa and other regions with growing subscriber services. The conversation concludes with a focus on expanding the company's footprint and exploring local formats and language-agnostic channels.