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FAST Friends #12: Fuse Media's Patrick Courtney on Navigating the Future of Streaming

An insightful discussion on the growth and challenges of the FAST channel industry.

It’s time for a new FAST Friends! In today’s episode, I sat down with Patrick Courtney, Head of Digital at Fuse Media, where we discussed both Fuse’s growth in FAST and how the FAST industry has evolved. It was an insightful discussion and one I definitely recommend listening to!


  • Fuse Media focuses on building its FAST business by developing channel brands that resonate with specific audiences.

  • The early days of FAST channels were characterized by experimentation.

  • Brandification plays a crucial role in the success of FAST channels, as recognizable brands attract viewers and create repeat viewership behavior.

  • The challenges of launching FAST channels include the need for unique and high-quality content, as well as the increasing competition in the FAST space.

  • Limited data on the FAST audience poses a challenge for advertisers, and more transparency and standardization are needed in measurement and analytics.