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The Opportunities and Challenges of FAST

Full video from the NAB Show panel I moderated with Vevo, Electric Entertainment, Local Now and Amagi

At the 2024 NAB Show, I put together a panel of experts within the FAST space to give an overview of what FAST offers and why entertainment and media companies should be in the space if they aren’t already. (I also began with a 6 minute presentation of highlights from the CRG Global/NAB Amplify partnership report, A Beginner’s Guide to FAST, which if you haven’t downloaded yet, I would recommend as it is full of way more detail than just for those starting to dabble in FAST. Don’t miss out on the latest detailed and free insights!).

My thanks to my panelists:

  • Bethany Atchison, Vice President of Distribution Partnerships, Vevo

  • Bill Caudill, Vice President of Content Partnerships, Allen Media Group

  • Michael Hyon Johnson, Director of Operations, Electric Entertainment

  • Dan Marshall, Executive Vice President, Global SaaS, Amagi

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