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FAST Friends #6: Celebrities in FAST and Other Stories

Exploring the Dynamic Evolution of FAST: Profitability, Original Content, and the Streaming Landscape Unveiled with AcTVe's Geoff Clark

I had a wonderful conversation with my good friend Geoff Clark on the current FAST landscape and what to expect soon. If you’ve wondered about if FAST is profitable, we address that and things like brands and curation in FAST, consolidation in services, how FAST has evolved and more.

Definitely a fun conversation and one that touches on many key trends in FAST. AI summary and takeways below!

SummaryIn this conversation, Gavin Bridge and Geoff Clark discuss the state of the fast industry and the changing landscape of FAST channels. They explore the brandification of FAST, the rise of celebrities and influencers in FAST, and the potential for pop-up channels and simulcasts.

They also discuss the financial viability of FAST channels and the need for consolidation in the industry. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of partnerships, curation, and the evolving strategies needed to succeed in the FAST industry.

The conversation explores the potential of FAST channels on streaming platforms. The benefits of FAST channels for content discovery and the importance of customized channels are discussed. The role of technology in improving channel discoverability and the potential of recommendation engines in limiting channel options are also explored.


  • The brandification of FAST channels is becoming increasingly important as the industry becomes more competitive.

  • Celebrities and influencers are playing a significant role in the FAST industry, creating channels and leveraging their existing fan bases.

  • The financial viability of FAST channels varies, with premium channels and those with strong partnerships more likely to succeed.

  • Pop-up channels and simulcasts can be effective strategies for attracting new audiences and growing linear viewership.

  • Consolidation is expected in the FAST industry as platforms look to streamline their offerings and compete more effectively. FAST channels have the potential to enhance the streaming experience by providing curated content and improving content discovery.

  • Peacock's success with FAST channels demonstrates the appeal of this format, especially when combined with a limited number of channels for easier navigation.

  • Customized channels can cater to specific viewer preferences and create a more personalized streaming experience.

  • Technology and recommendation engines play a crucial role in improving channel discoverability and helping viewers find content quickly.

  • The studio model allows for the creation of multiple channels, and big multinational companies with deep content libraries can leverage this to their advantage.

  • The future of FAST channels may include the development of original content specifically designed for this format.